Types of Trees in Long Island

Long Island is one of the areas in New York with the most trees. The area has many native and exotic trees which make it beautiful and at the same time, make the air purer. As you drive along the roads, you can see beautiful trees in parks, along the road, and on private lawns. Besides trees, you will find shrubs, vines, and ferns.

To enjoy these aesthetics and air purifying benefits in your home, you must plant trees, but before you start planting, you need to know those that do well in the area. They include:

Maple Trees

Maples have been grown in Long Island for ages, and they continue to thrive. You can find them almost everywhere. There are different varieties of these maples for you to choose from, including the red, sugar, and Norway maples.
The most common variety is the red maple, which has adapted to survive in the extremes of weather and does not require much maintenance. As a matter of fact, the tree will survive even when not watered frequently with only occasional pruning. The trees look great, especially given their red leaves.

Maples are native to Long Island, making them survive the Long Island weather and grow fast. What’s more, if you are looking for seedlings, they are easily available in the local market.

Eastern Red Cedar

The red cedar is always green, and there are different varieties to choose from. Mature trees from this species differ from each other with most trees growing up to 40 feet tall. They are adapted to survive in low water conditions.
However, the eastern red cedar is injurious to the apple orchard as it transmits cedar-apple rust. You can only choose one among the two for your home.

Pitch Pine

The Pitchpine is another common native Long Island tree that grows up to 70 feet tall. It features evergreen leaves with branches twisting and gnarling. The leaves of Pitch pine appear in clusters, making it look great. While their height makes them look great along roads, they are dangerous during storms.

These trees are not only loved for their beauty but also their availability and their low maintenance. The Pitch Pine is suitable for rocky dry soils.

White Oak

White oaks are gaining popularity in Long Island. While most of the white oaks have been introduced in the last few decades, they are becoming common on Long Island. White oaks, like other varieties of oaks, are resistant to drought and can survive for long periods with less maintenance besides a little pruning on occasion.

The Oaks look beautiful, especially when taken care of. They can be used for shade and beautifying the environment. However, some grow very wide and do not fit in small backyards hence can only be planted outside the homestead.

Plant Trees Today

You should always plant trees throughout the year to take care of the environment. There are many more trees that you can plant on Long Island. If you need help finding good trees to plant, you can always reach out to Long Island Arborists and get help finding the right trees, planting them, and taking care of them.

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