Tree Removal Safety – What You Need to Know

When it comes to tree service, many people think it’s as easy as taking a saw or axe and cutting down a tree. But, it isn’t. Tree removal is a service that requires specialists, an experienced tree removal company that is able to do the job right and not cause damage.

The people and property near or around the area where any tree needs to be removed needs to be protected. As such, a tree removal service is dangerous and needs a professional company to handle it. If you are looking to have a tree removed, here are a few tree removal safety points that you need to have in mind.

• Known Tree Removal Hazards

When looking to have a tree removed, it is paramount to know the type of dangers associated with it in order to protect your property as well as the people living around the area. The first step is in carrying out a hazard assessment before any work starts. Secondly, the tree service company you hire needs to have professionals who are certified and trained and are able to operate tree removal tools and equipment such as chainsaws. Our technicians are equipped with the right tree removal equipment and are well trained to prevent any hazards when providing our customers with tree removal services.

• Power Lines

As mentioned, tree removal services need to be handled with utmost care so as to ensure that everyone involved is safe throughout the process. That involves the power line contacts. When cutting down a tree, the first step is to ensure that you contact the utility company and have the power lines de-energized through shielding or grounding. It is therefore important to hire an experienced tree removal company whenever you are removing trees near a power line. With our technicians, you don’t have to worry about the power lines as we guarantee a safe process for tree removal. Our staff have the needed training and are able to maintain proper distance when removing trees that are close to energized power lines and understand the need to use extra care when moving trimming equipment around power lines.

• Being Aware and Alert

When it comes to tree removal safety, being aware and alert and maintaining those two is crucial when removing trees. Before kicking off the tree removal process, it is of utmost importance to ensure that the weather condition is favourable for the process. Also, there is need to determine what side the tree will fall on to avoid issues that may come up as a result of forward, side or back leaning. Our technicians always ensure that they have determined the right amount of hinge wood needed to guide the tree safely as it falls down and there is a proper retreat path for safety for the professionals to run to. To add to that, it’s important to always be alert and not to have your back on a fallen tree to avoid items thrown as the tree hits the ground.

When it comes to tree removal service, you can never go wrong with hiring a professional company like Long Island Arborists. Don’t look into saving your dollars while the damage will cost you more than what you wanted to save.

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