Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is an important part of the tree removal process. Whether it comes immediately after the tree felling, or years after as part of a beautification process, Long Island Arborists can take on the challenge.

What is Stump Grinding?

As the name implies, stump grinding utilizes specialized machinery to literally grind and tree stump down to below ground level. Our industrial stump grinding machinery can handle all jobs, large or small (we particularly like the really big stumps).

Once the stump is ground down, we can fill in the area with either soil, sod or your preferred material. This eliminated the eyesore that can occur from an old tree stump, as well as liberates the area to be used for other purposes.

Do I Need It?

Many people choose to leave their stumps, but they can become an annoyance over time. They take up space in yards, act as eyesores, and can even be a danger for trip and falls.

While its not a requirement, it’s generally recommended, especially when otherwise performing tree removals on a property.

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