How to care for your Trees in Long Island

We need trees for various reasons. While in certain instances we may be forced to cut them down, planting more will always ensure that we have them in surplus. Just like we take care of our homes, trees also need proper care right from when they are planted in order for them to grow to grow strong and have a prolonged lifespan. That said, everything you do from the time of plantation matters a lot. When it comes to taking care of your trees, there are both short-term and long-term care plans that you can follow. Here are a few ways that you can take care of your trees on Long Island.

• Weeding

Just like you would weed your farm in the first few weeks or months of planting, the same is important for trees. There are various methods that you can use including use of chemical-based weed killers or the use of mulch to curb the growth of weeds. Chemical based weed killers that have glyphosate kill weed immediately and are easily broken down in the soil without having any environmental effects.

• Watering

In normal conditions, trees won’t need lots of watering. However, whenever there is a long dry spell, there is need to ensure that the trees are watered regularly to enable them to have sufficient water as they grow.

• Pests and Diseases

Pests and diseases can be a nuisance especially when your trees are still young and growing. If you suspect that your trees have gotten some disease or have been attacked by a pest, it is important to remove the infected one before it spreads. This way, you prevent the other trees from getting affected.

• Pruning

In order for your trees to grow upwards and not outwards, it is essential to have them pruned often. If you don’t have the time, you can hire a tree removal service company to help you prune your trees. When considering pruning your trees, the season also matters a lot. Some trees are best pruned in winter while others in summer. The pruning needs to be done professionally without the bark of the tree getting removed as it helps prevent decay and diseases.

• Coppicing

Coppicing is another tree care that will need you to get a company that offers tree removal service to carry out. You may need to coppice your trees after 7-10 years depending on the growth rate of the trees and species. Coppicing is essentially important in getting a sustainable supply of woodland products such as fuel. After coppicing your trees, ensure they are protected from animals so as to allow for new growth.

• Fencing

You need to protect your trees from animals and other factors. This can only be done through fencing. This way, you can keep livestock away.

• Thinning

Thinning comes in handy when your trees have been planted close to each other. It allows you to cut down some trees so as to stop all your trees from competing for essential things like nutrients, sunshine, and water. Thinning usually occurs from the 10th years and is more of a long-term solution.

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