Tree Removal

Expert and affordable tree removal services throughout the Island.

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Strump Removal

The removal of a stump is the hardest part, but we do it thoroughly, leaving no trace behind.

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We provide all other tree services include pruning, branch removal, brush removal as well emergency services.

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Welcome to Long Island Arborists!

Welcome to Long Island Arborists. We are so glad to have you visit our site.

We have been providing the highest quality tree care for over 30 years throughout all of Long Island, NY. From the streets of Queens to the Beaches of Montauk, we cover it all.

Please see below for some descriptions of our common services. If you have any questions or would like to schedule your FREE ESTIMATE, please don’t hesitate to call as at 516-405-3255.

Tree Removal

One of our primary services we provide is tree removal throughout Long Island. We handle all sizes and levels of difficulty on all corners of the Island. From small birch trees to the largest Oaks, we can handle it.

Don’t need a full removal? We’ve still got you covered…

Branch Removal

Not interested in a full removal but still need some maintenance? Our branch removal services might be for you. Diagnosing and removing potentially problematic branches is a great way to avoid costly damage or hazards, especially in the winter or stormy seasons.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. If you aren’t sure whether the branches are problematic, call us up for a free estimate. What do you have to lose?

Trimming and Pruning

Another useful maintenance program is our regular trimming and pruning service. This helps to avoid overgrowth and keeps trees fit and ready for years to come. We offer one-off services as well as regular seasonal checkups. We recommend have your trees checked out at least 2-4 times per year, especially if you have trees near your home or other properties.

Stump Grinding

Have a pesky stump on your property? These can sometimes become an eyesore for homeowners, but they are notoriously difficult to remove. And that’s why we love them, especially the really big ones. Our expert stump grinding services allow us to grind the tree stump to below ground level and cover it with soil or sod, effectively removing it from your yard.

We offer this in addition to our tree removal service, or as a separate option for yard beautification.

Emergency Services

Sometimes trees or branches come down in an unexpected fashion and require immediate response and removal. We are available for emergency response all through Long Island, so don’t hesitate to call.

Obviously, if you are your family are in any immediate danger please call 911 first.

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